paintings by Dianne Malycha-Brandt
Dianne Malycha-Brandt

About Dianne Malycha-Brandt
Dianne feels there is not enough time in life to capture the endless light, colour and shape variations on our magnificent planet. She is driven to create her perspective & put it on canvas.  Dianne enjoys working with a variety of mediums including oil & water colour, and has produced work on everything from the humble cardboard box to Perspex & canvas. Dianne's specialty is canvas, and she likes to use the best products available including paints & linen.

While Dianne does not want to be categorised she is free to explore a variety of styles including expressionism, formalism, abstract, impressionism, minimalism and tonal realism. She enjoys post modern art, and loves painting with oils and pastels. Dianne produces commission work including portraits and animals/pets.

In 2009 Dianne is travelling overseas to Europe including Italy & France to continue her studies. Dianne's focus on the trip is the architecture & magnificent artwork in Italy from Greco-Roman Times and the Baroque period to present day.  Dianne also plans on visiting the Louvre, and is looking forward to her studies of Middle Ages Gothic architecture & art, 20th Century modernism, realism and materialism of Dutch 17 century painting. 

Dianne believes to know the past is to understand the future. This trip and study will help her develop this unique and different path that she is taking. Dianne is excited to study the world around her and create unique images which are an expression of freedom and beauty.

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